TBC -Smoke free from June 1

In 2017 the Torrensville Bowling Club  aligned with other clubs and implemented the Bowls SA No Smoking Policy (This policy relates to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, e-cigarettes and vapes and applies to Pennants and Social Events).
Member clubs were able to resolve to be totally smoke free or provide a duly signposted designated area that was well away from the playing area and clubhouse.
We resolved to provide a designated area under the veranda adjacent to the cool room.

With the progress of our new green the sports base (underlay) and surfacing for the new green is due to commence late May and this has given us the opportunity to revisit our policy to take into consideration the risk of damage that can be caused to the artificial playing surface, due to carelessly discarded lit cigarettes.

Your Board of Management has resolved that from Saturday 1st June Torrensville will become totally smoke free.

Anyone who is in breach of this policy will be requested to extinguish their cigarette, cigar or pipe / refrain from using a electronic device or move outside our fence line.

If persistent breaching of this policy occurs then an Infringement Notice will be issued to the individual/s and the incident will be formally reported to the Board of Management and if necessary, to Bowls SA.

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