New Facility Gains Approval

Torrensville Bowling Club (TBC) members and the bowling community at large will be pleased to hear that building approval for TBC’s new facility was granted at a Council Assessment Panel Meeting on January 16, 2018.

In the short time since the building approval, WTCC and TBC worked relentlessly to finalise and sign the lease for the new facility. The lease was a major trigger point for proceeding on many fronts with the build.

The club’s Project Manager, Hayden Kiss of RCP, was introduced to members at our recent Information Meeting and an explanation of the previous planning stage, the forthcoming tendering and construction phases was provided. The expected timelines are as follows;

Season 2017-18           We stay and play as we are

Season 2018-19           We live and play on a building site

Season 2019- 20          New green ready for pennant competition, tournaments and social play

The Australian Government (NSR Funding) and WTCC Contribution to earthworks and electrical infrastructure upgrades will assist, but regrettably we have not been able to secure State Government assistance (CRS Funding) for our proposed new clubrooms.

This means that the dome and 12 rink undercover structure will go ahead, but the new clubhouse will delayed/deferred. Alternative proposals for renovations/extension to the existing clubhouse and a new alfresco area will be presented to members for consideration.

We have recently secured State Funding (Sporting Surfaces Program) for the bowling green and are currently negotiating that agreement to secure those funds. This funding ensures that we will have the latest technology in foundations and playing surface.

The new facility will have 12 rinks which are each 36.6 meters in length and 4.88 metre in width which meet international standards. These are the same dimensions as the rinks on our current grass greens and allow lateral movement to reduce wear.

Members and visiting teams are advised that during 2018/2019 season we will be living through the construction / renovation process and that disruptions are to be expected. We plan to keep inconvenience to members and visitors to a minimum, and we are all looking forward to the end result.

The following diagram shows the new green from above, adjacent to the existing clubhouse and A green. Note that B green will be reduced to 5 rinks.




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