Pennant teams 2022/23


Division 3 North ( 4 rinks) , Division 5 West (4 rinks) , Division 6  West ( 3 rinks)


Division 3 West (5 rinks), Division 4 West ( 4 rinks)

Selected sides are in the Team App – Download the app from – Apple or Android.

Where you are Playing?

There are 2 ways to find out where you are playing:

At the Club
Coming to the club to see the selection board that is placed in the club room window. You can view the board from outside, so you do not need access to the clubroom. Note that selectors may make changes on this board until 5pm on the Friday before the pennant game without advising you.

Team App
Selected sides are uploaded (usually by midday on Wednesday) with the selected teams on the Team App. if required, it will be updated up until 5pm on the Friday before Saturday pennant game.

*It is each players responsibility to ensure they know where they are playing right up until 5pm on the Friday before the pennant game. After 5pm on the Friday before the pennant game, if any player movements are made, the Selector will contact you.

Notification of Unavailability for Pennant Games

Selectors have a difficult job juggling players in sides after a player makes themselves unavailable particularly after selection has been done, even worse if on the morning of the game.

To reduce issues and inconvenience to players due to last-minute changes in where they play, please follow the instructions below.

Unavailability Sheets

If you know you will not be available for games on certain dates, please ensure you note this on the unavailability sheets which are on the notice board.

There is one for Saturday pennants and one for Wednesday pennants.

If you become available on a date that you marked as being unavailable, please update the unavailability sheet or call a selector.

Last Minute Unavailability

As soon as you are aware that you cannot play a game where you are noted as available on unavailability sheet, then you must contact a selector immediately.

Note that it is your responsibility to do this and ensure a selector is notified, not just tell someone else and expect a selector to be notified.

The selectors need time to contact players and for the player to make arrangement to play at alternative venue. The more time you give them, the better for everyone.

Hot Weather Policy 2022/23

The Hot Weather Policy is now that we start play at 9.15am if the temperature on the BOM website is predicted to be 36°C or higher at 4.30pm Thursday for Saturday pennants, and 4.30pm Mondays for Wednesday pennants.

When the temperature on the day reaches 38°C play stops and does not restart. The charts further down the page may assist.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of the time/place you are playing, as Selectors will not be calling to remind you in future. If you are unsure, call the club or one of the selectors (see below for contacts).

Selector Contact Details

Please contact a selector if you become:

  1. Unavailable to play a game and it has not been noted on unavailability sheet.
  2. Available for a game that you are marked as being unavailable for.
  3. One of the following is to be notified directly. Do not call the club or ask someone else to do it for you.

Pennant sides


DEAN JAMES ‭0435 105 683‬


PAUL SIGLEY 0488 225 640


Hot Weather Policy Wednesday Flowchart


Hot Weather Policy Thursday Flowchart