Practice sessions during the Pennant season


Head Coach and Vice President Dean James has developed a program for this season’s Pennant games to ensure that Torrensville Bowling Club will become competitive in all grades that we are participating in during the 2017/18 season.

To achieve this the coaching team of Dean, John Toovey and Craig Smorti will be setting up practice sessions every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the pennant season to help all players that are prepared to put the time in.

Training drills in accordance with Bowls Australia coaching  handbook will ensure that members will have the opportunity to improve their game and above all, enjoy their bowling and have fun on the greens.

The club selectors will also be able to use these sessions to assist them in the difficult job of weekly selections.

Rinks and equipment will be set for various drills from 3pm to 7pm all members are welcome to spend whatever time they can and the coaches will be more than happy to help and assist every bowler.

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