Strategic Plan – May 2016- June 2019


To be a world class community club promoting lawn bowls.


To be active in the lawn bowls and general community by:

  • Providing affordable and accessible participation to lawn bowls for everyone in the community.
  • Providing pathways, competition, challenges and opportunities at all levels of the sport.
  • Understanding, embracing and valuing the differences within the lawn bowls community.
  • Promoting Lawn bowls as healthy, safe and enjoyable sport for people of all ages.


  • Participation – An inviting accessible experience for everyone.
  • Fun – Promote enjoyment of lawn bowls and club facilities through good sportsmanship, a welcoming environment and dynamic programs.
  • Inclusive – Encourage a broad section of the community to use our facilities for their enjoyment and betterment.
  • Ethical – Conduct ourselves in accordance with our codes of behaviour at all times.
  • Trust and integrity – Build an environment of trust through open, transparent and honest leadership.
  • Safe – Provide a safe environment that protects and considers everyone’s physical and emotional well being.
  • Healthy lifestyle – Provide the ability for all to participate and lead an active lifestyle.
Strategic Pillars Participation Facilities and Infrastructure High Performance Governance & Finance Marketing & Communication Member Wellbeing Coaching & Officiating
Aspirational Goals To provide competitive and social bowls activities for all members of the community regardless of skill level. Develop a facility that meets the standards for state, national and international events, while providing the best facilities for members. A respected club that achieves continuous success by improving the divisions we play in. To model best practice in governance integrity and leadership in all levels of the sport at all times ,within a well-managed club. To be recognised by the public and participants for being one of the most popular and successful lawn bowls clubs in South Australia and Australia. All levels of members have a welcoming and friendly club to use for personal recreational and/or sporting needs. Enable the club to have sufficient coaches, technical officials and volunteers that are appropriately accredited, registered and supported at all levels.
Key Objectives PA1

Increase numbers playing social (night owls) and competitive bowling.


Plan, develop and build a facility that has 12 world class undercover synthetic rinks and 12 high quality external grass rinks.


Win Division Pennants so that within 5 years we have sides in Premier league, Division 2 and Division 3 on Saturday and Premier level on Wednesdays.


Develop governance that ensures the best social, sporting and financial performance for the club.


Improve the profile of the club to become a destination facility for a wide range of stakeholders.


Create a culture of inclusion, fairness and social attractiveness, including supporting disadvantaged groups.


Prioritize support and development of umpires.


Continue to conduct Open tournaments with Prizes to increase external patronage of our bowls facilities.


Develop a facility that is able to be used for special lawn bowls events and provides exceptional viewing and playing facilities for all levels of players.


To develop junior and social players to enable them to compete at any level available to them.


Improve business performance to ensure the club at least breaks even on operating performance year on year.


Foster healthy and vibrant relationships with members and key stakeholders.


Comply with our constitution at all times and deal with all behavioural issues fairly and quickly.


Encourage positive behaviours in lawn bowls that are recognized as leading the sporting community.


Work with Bowls SA to use the facility as an initial bowls introduction centre to increase overall participation.


In conjunction with Bowls SA and other stakeholders market the facilities for community and corporate use.


Attract new members who will add to on field performance improvements.


Use our assets to create a financially viable and sustainable club.


Develop and implement a business model that increases paid events at the club.


Promote responsible service of alcohol at all times.


To have more than sufficient depth and quality of coaching to ensure high standards of athlete development across club.


Increase the participation of schools and other community organisations in the sport of lawn bowls.


Increase the number, value and efficacy of sponsorships that sustain the club and support local businesses.