Dome removal – information for members

The Board of the Torrensville Bowling Club in conjunction with Badge Constructions advise members that the removal of the Dome will start on Tuesday June 11. Please refer to the map below, and note that entry will be via the gate on South Road. This is shown by the red circle at the end of the dotted line. From June 11 the areas marked are a construction zone, and members are urged to use caution in the vicinity. Access restrictions are expected to be in place for approximately two months.

Badge Constructions advise;

  • Fencing will be put up Tuesday (11/6), Northern  gates will left open and available for public use until we are ready to commence works.
  • Temporary site huts arrive on Tuesday (11/6) also. Temporary water and electrical feeds will be ran to these huts from the service points.
  • Works will commence on the 27/6.

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