Taylor Bowls Sunday Feb 3

Torrensville vs Henley at Torrensville 3pm start

Other 2 games are to be played at 6pm.

Assistance on the day from members will be appreciated.

BBQ from around 4pm will be  available and Bar will be open.

Greens closed from 2pm except for Taylor Bowls activity.

Singles:    Craig Cannell

Pairs:  Andy O’Hara lead,  Kevin Morris   skipper.

Triples: Brenton Rolton lead, Lyn Brice Second,  Mal Potter Skipper

Fours:  John Eade lead,  Peter Metcalf second, Ken Smith third, George Fyfe Skipper.

reserves   Darren Cook, Adrian Jericijo, John McConnell ,Mario Cicanes

Unavailable Lukusz Wojniak

Ken Smith

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